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To minimize the risk of freeze damage to your irrigation system  your system needs to have all the water removed from it before the winter. It is called "winterization".

There are potential dangers involved with winterization since even if you have drained some water out of the system, the remaining water can freeze, expand and crack the PVC piping.

Therefore it is best to call us, the professionals and let us safely winterize your system. Call us early, before winter freeze-up and find out our special deals.


An irrigation system, like any other system, occasionally breaks down and needs repair. We can provide you many repair services at a reasonable cost, such as replace sprinkler heads, clean and reset heads, find and repair leaks, repair crushed pipes, fix non-working zones, replace defective valves, repair damaged wires and many more...

We have advanced equipment that gives us the ability to replace broken lines under driveways, sidewalks and other hard to reach areas.

Protect your landscape investment with a properly maintained irrigation system.


Irrigation system installation consists of:

- trenching

- connecting the water source

- installing shut-off valves
- building a valve manifold
- connecting wires
- installing sprinklers
- flushing the system
- wire the valves to the timer
- test each zone

System Audits

A proper irrigation audit can provide information to improve irrigation efficiency and reduce water costs.

It measures the precipitation rate and the uniformity of water that is being applied.

Improved efficiency means:

- more consistent distribution
- reduction in water use
- less of a need for fertilizers
- smaller amount of water wasted
- less runoff

Spring Start Ups

Owners of irrigation systems should schedule a start up service when spring is around the corner.

Our service procedure includes the following:

- charge system with water

- check for leaks

- test water pressure

- reset date and time on the controller

- check and replace the battery

- perform zone checks

- adjust and clean sprinkler heads

- run the first cycle of the system to see its performance


As an innovative, energetic and forward thinking business, we pride ourselves in attention to detail and our ability to service our clients with a level of care that large scale irrigation businesses in Victoria simply cannot achieve. Our focus is on creating solutions that are beneficial to both the customer and our beautiful city, which we see as vital in an increasingly environmentally conscious public.


Intelligent Irrigation's mission is to set a new standard for irrigation repair, maintenance, and installations by using state of the art controllers, quality parts and outstanding workmanship to create the most efficient systems possible. Our clients will always receive the highest quality of customer service available, guaranteed.


The company's innovative, high quality and eco-friendly solutions are achieved through its constant thirst for new information, new technologies and its demanding customer base. With over ten years of experience in irrigation and having serviced thousands of residential and commercial systems throughout Victoria, owner and operator, Christian deals personally with each client, seeing every project through, insuring 100% customer satisfaction with every endeavor.


Many thanks for the excellent service. We are very happy with the installed sprinklers and would recommend your professional business to my friends.

- Joseph Wikler, Victoria, BC

I am extremely pleased with the new irrigation system you installed on my large property. Your prices are very reasonable and the service I received was impeccable. I would like to see you in the late fall for winterizing.

- Nancy Patfield, Oak Bay, Victoria,  BC




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